Organic Postpartum Herbal Sitz Soak (qty4)

Create a perfect luscious herbal soak each and every time with these 1oz individual single-use sachets.  Amazing for childbirth baths, postpartum care, relief after perineal tearing or even as a Yoni or vaginal steam.

A great gift for your future self or any expectant or new moms in your life.

How you take care of yourself during the 4th trimester is so important in recovery post-delivery and sometimes vital when it comes to perineal care.

Ease the postnatal discomforts with this beautiful blend of healing herbs that have been proven to provide relief time and time again.


Using traditional postpartum practices, it is suggested that postpartum sitz or full soaks should not begin any sooner than 2-3 days after childbirth. 


Steep 1 individual sachet in 2 cups of boiling (hot) water.

Cover and steep for 20 min

Add liquid to bath, soak and enjoy for at least 15-20 min.


Allow tea bag to cool and apply to any area as a compress.

Peri Bottle:

Fill peri or spray bottle with sitz soak.  Can be refrigerated for up to week or left in the bathroom for 2-3 days.



Comfrey + Mullein Oil: Reduces inflammation, and promotes new skin cell growth.  Mullein is used as a disinfectant and helps prevent infection.

Calendula:  Promotes healing to the skin and is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory which helps with reducing swelling.  Assists with the production of healthy skin regeneration and healthy skin cell production.

Wild Yarrow:  Promotes skin circulation and opens pores.  Used as an antiseptic to help fight against infection-causing bacteria.  Commonly used as an astringent to tighten the skin.  Promotes good Ph in the skin to increase healing time.

Plantain Leaf: Reduces the chances of scarring by promoting skin regeneration. Improves circulation and soothes skin.

Lavender Flower: Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.  Improves circulation assisting in boosting healing whiles soothing the skin.

Milky Oats: Essential minerals rich, anti-inflammatory.  Promotes skin healing.

Marshmallow Root: A skin conditioning and healing agent.  Relieves redness and irritation while moisturizing the skin to promote healing.

Rose:  Rich in vitamin A and C and amazing for wound healing.  Adds moisture to the skin and aids collagen production.

Magnesium Salt: Detoxifying mineral compound that helps flush the body of toxins.  Promotes softening of the skin, reduces swelling and encourages relaxation.

*Always consult with your medical provider*


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