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Denawa Alberti

Mindfulness Lifestyle Blogger + Yoga Professional

Hey y’all! *in my most southern draw* I am Denawa, the creator behind Sittin’ Crooked, Talkin’ Straight. I grew up in a very small town in eastern North Carolina that virtually no one I have ever met out in the world has ever heard of.  I am not kidding, 2 stop lights and you have gone through the entire town! Newly married my small family relocated to the Queens City, Charlotte NC in 2015, in hopes to start our lives together.

What’s in a name?

For 5 years I have dreamed of having my blog + I have always imagined it would be a conversation between friends. When my friends and I get together and the drinks are plenty we have our BEST honest conversations. That is the environment I wanted to create on my blog, honest conversation. Me leaning into you, you leaning into me + us being raw and real.

Sittin’ Crooked Talkin’ Straight is a personal growth + self care blog inspired by getting comfortable within ourselves and living a life of truth. It is a community for those who desire truth, laughter, a life of passion and growing authentically.

Come along with me on my perfectly imperfect and unapologetic journey of the pursuit of my own happiness. Leveling up, indulging in self care, meditation + food, starting each day in a positive mind set feeling inspired.

Through my journey you will find me speaking my truths while providing tools + tips that you will need to live your most fulfilling life through yoga, self care, meditation and so much more!

What You Will Find Here:
  • Self Care Tips
  • Mindful Habits
  • Yoga
  • Realness
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