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Pause. Breathe. Self-Care.

Healing Starts from the Inside Out

Hi, I’m Denawa

Birth Doula, Herbalist, Mindfulness Coach, Meditation + Yoga Teacher. Welcome to my Sacred Space for Wellbeing, Healing, Connection and Mindfulness.

I’ve been anxiously awaiting for our paths to cross and I am so excited to join you on your Holistic journey to connect mind, body and soul.

Now announcing All Things Zen! A library stocked with all of your self care + Zen needs in one place.  Each month new self care focused videos will be uploaded.  These videos will include yoga flows, meditations, self care rituals + even plant play!

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Replenish. Be happy. Sleep Well.

Nourishment of your body + soul

Small acts of self care each day are the building blocks of living a whole + full life. Take a moment each day for yourself to connect and restore the body, mind and spirit, Denawa is here to guide you!

Wake up feeling happy

Working from the inside out, empowering yourself through movement

Rewire your brain

Find peace of mind, clarity of thoughts through meditation

Thrive & flourish

Using the tools of movement, meditation + holistic elements of mindfulness

Find what speaks to you

Latest Releases

Guided meditations, yoga flows, stretches, affirmations, deep relaxation, restful sleep +  more.

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Morning guided meditation with uplifting affirmations

10 minutes

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Gratitude meditation for purpose and fulfillment

21 minutes

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Sleep meditation to let go of stress, fear and anxiety

60 minutes

How does it work

Intentional Meditation & Mindful Movements

All Things Zen membership is a place for you to connect + to TREAT YOURSELF.

This library was created to provide tools for you to nurture yourself from the inside out. With this library you are EMPOWERED to create a self care routine that you love.

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Being in Balance, Self-Care Wellbeing Practice with Crystals

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Restore the Mind, Body + Soul with the All Things Zen membership.  Begin to cultivate the life that you desire through intentional guided meditation.  Find  movement that offers grounding through yoga + breathwork. Practice self care rituals that help engage, recharge and rejuvenate your energy. With new content released each month, begin to balance your emotional, physical + spiritual self.

Take your self care to the next level with the All Things Zen Membership. 


Dynamic Self- Care

My life took a 360 degree turn when I  began to make self care a priority through holistic living, meditation + yoga. My purpose is to help restore peace of mind and to empower women to trust their innate strengths + refill their cups through dynamic self care. 

Denawa Deniece 

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